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iPhone 3G Or 3GS Cable Number Associations

[ad_1] Have you tried to take apart your iPhone 3G or 3GS for a cracked or broken screen and found yourself wondering what each of the numbered cables inside represent? The following article will describe each of these cable numbers and the common problems associated when each one of themRead More

6 Tips to Keep Your iPhone in Pristine Condition – Prevent Scratches and Dings

[ad_1] Your iPhone is an investment, and you certainly would not want to ruin it by not maintaining it, or letting it get covered with scratches. Protect your iPhone with these tips, and you will be able to enjoy it for much longer! 1. Keep your iPhone away from thingsRead More

Mobile Cell Phone Review: The Best No Contract No Credit Check Cell Phone Plans

[ad_1] When comparing no contract and no credit check cell phone plans, it is easy to get bogged down because there are so many different variables to consider. Not only are there a few handfuls of different service providers to choose from, there is also a myriad of different wirelessRead More

Some Salient Features for iPhone Application Development

[ad_1] Today, living in a tech-savvy era, it is impossible to keep oneself devoid of it. Mobile’s have become an integral part of our modern-day lifestyle. Every now and then new models and gadgets are introduced into the market, driving people nuts. Despite the availability of so many devices, iPhoneRead More

Top 7 Smartphones of 2016

[ad_1] Everyday new phones with all new features keep on blooming in the Smartphone world. Big ‘megapixels’, Monster ‘RAMs’ and Sexy ‘unibody aluminium’ leave no stone unturned to lure the customers. If you are confused in which phone to buy, then this article is sure to solve your dilemma. HereRead More

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 A Perfect Alternative For Apple iPhone 6S?

[ad_1] When it comes to smartphones, there always seems to be a battle between Apple and Samsung. Every time there seems to be two similar phones from both brands taking a showdown in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently going up against Apple’s iPhone 6S. The S7 hasRead More

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