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Battery Test: LGG5 vs Galaxy S7 vs iPhone SE vs Nexus 6P vs Note 5

Right here is the Solid Gold Han Solo Star Wars Film: https://youtu.be/qMrOH-UyicA I have 11 phones to evaluate today. Which phone has the lengthiest lasting battery when watching video? Sickness be checking the apple iphone SE, apple iphone 6, LG G5, Galaxy S7, LG V10, Note 5, Lumia 950XL, BlackberryRead More

What makes the Galaxy S7 Waterproof? – Ultimate Test

Exactly how is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Resistant? What keeps the interior elements dry? In this video clip, I demonstrate how each part of the Galaxy S7 can remain completely dry when submerged under water. The billing port, the headphone jack, the power switch, all feasible access of waterRead More

HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test

We do a speed test between the HTC 10 as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 Side to see which phone is much faster. Both phones below are powered by the same Snapdragon 820 cpu to accompany 4 GB of RAM, making this #phonebuffstyle speed examination come down the software applicationRead More

Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S+ vs LGG5 vs Lumia 950XL – Side by side Camera Test

Every phone is shooting in 4K. The settings are on automated, and I am making use of the supply camera apps on each phone. They are all placed to the very same stabilizing rig, that holds all the electronic cameras similarly. Today we are testing the Galaxy S7 Edge, theRead More

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Repair, Teardown and Reassemble – Fixez.com

This step-by-step fixing video clip will show you how to replace a damaged or broken Galaxy S7 display, as well as likewise just how to completely teardown and reassemble your Samsung smartphone. See Fixez.com for all of the DIY Samsung Galaxy S7 replacement devices, components and screens you need toRead More

iPhone-SE-Hüllen, Galaxy-S7-Teardown & -Akkulaufzeit – TECH.täglich 03.03.2016

apple iphone SE Hüllen, Locky-Hölle Windows & Galaxy S7 Teardown und Akkulaufzeit– TECH.täglich 03.03.2016 ➡ Mac als Locky-freie Zone: Bei Windows ist pass away Hölle los– http://www.giga.de/go/3v28n ➡ apple iphone 5SE/ apple iphone SE: Erste Hüllen erreichen Deutschland– http://www.giga.de/go/3v2a6 ➡ Samsung Galaxy S7 side: Teardown-Video zeigt das Innenleben des Flaggschiff-Phablets–Read More

Galaxy S7 Repair Story – Cracked Screen Fixed by Samsung!

Today wraps up component 3/3 of my Galaxy S7 Repair story Saga. Back to making regular Galaxy S7 Videos. Part 1 (How I damaged my Galaxy S7): https://youtu.be/tutYEZ19WCQ Part 2 (Why insurance policy is a fraud): https://youtu.be/v12roeIG0eM Galaxy S6 Active Running Over with a Car: https://youtu.be/qRPUK8806R8 LATEST VIDEO: “YOUTUBE MONEY!|WhatRead More

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active vs Galaxy S7

Contrasting Galaxy variations was quite easy a couple of years back. Each had its very own little collection of concessions that made the option a no brainer. 2016 is a really various animal, and also with 3 fantastic Galaxy front runners, the risks are rather high. If we were contrastingRead More

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

AT&T’s new Samsung Galaxy S7 Energetic makes it difficult to justify getting the typical Galaxy S7. Just what do you guys assume? Galaxy S7 Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDoq9BECqKB9txRyXdX3QSAok3cWgYdpn Service Inquiries: [email protected] ~ ~ Follow Me! ~ ~. twitter: https://twitter.com/lora_krystal. instagram: http://www.instagram.com/krystallora. snapchat: KrystalLora. Introduction made by: https://twitter.com/Emphur.

Vật Vờ| So sánh iPhone 6s và Samsung Galaxy S7(Exynos 8890) : hiệu năng, đa nhiệm


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