Make a Wireless Bug Using Nothing But a Cell Phone With a Headset


We all have a need of a bug: Sometimes you may have the need to spy on someone with a wireless bug. I think I have the most practical solution for you. You do not have to buy an expensive spy device or anything complicated. You may already own what you need if you have an unused cell phone that has service.

Here is what you do: you need to have an extra cell phone that has service. You can use any of these throwaway phones you buy at Walmart for any other store they only cost $10. You will also need to get the headset that goes with the phone if it is not included. The most clever thing you’ll have to do is figure out a way to hide the bug.

Time to act: With just a little initiative and some planning you will only be limited by the battery life and airtime you have on the phone. This will be an on demand bug that you can turn off and on under your control. It is so obvious that I am surprised that most people do not do this when they need a bug.

Just like a “real” spy: The same trick was used in the series burn notice starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Weston. However you will not have to do all the stuff he did to make this work. If you want to be extra careful you can do what he did. The only difference between his bug and mine is that I do not have you unsolder speaker wires inside the phone. That way there is no electronics technical work in my process.

The preparation: Make sure your batteries charged. Make sure you have activated the phone if it is a new phone. Hook up the headset to the cell phone. Almost every cell phone has an auto answer option when the headset is attached. Choose the auto answer option on the phone. Make sure that the ring tone is silent and if there are options to turn off any lights turn them off and make sure vibration is off. Also, make sure that the messaging or SMS to set the silent and no vibration also. You do not want to be given away by a free message from the service provider.

Now comes your part: Before you do anything else, make sure to test your bug. Next, You will have to find the hiding place for this bug. You need to put it in a location to where I can pick up the conversation you are trying to bug. I cannot help you with this because I do not know if you want to put it in a car or in a room or in a house. You can hide it in something as simple as a Kleenex box under a layer of tissue.

Option b: You could just accidentally leave the phone behind. If it does not flash or vibrate or make noise no one will notice. That may be your choice as no one would suspect that you hit it anywhere. Instead it is out in the open where everyone can see and they all know you that you just left it there.

Timing is everything: Now what you need to do is know when your target is in the area of the phone. How you do this is up to you. Whether you have someone helping you or you are just watching or you are just guessing because of habits of when a person will be at the location. Then you just call the cell phone from your own phone. That phone will not ring because you have it set the silent. It should answer because is on auto answer. Just listen in that’s all you have to do now.

To record or not record: I will not discuss how to hook up recording device to the phone at this time, perhaps in another article. However, if you decide to record your eavesdropping, be sure to check the laws of your state before proceeding. Most likely you would not be a would use the recording of the conversation in any kind of legal situation. The recording of the conversation is likely to be illegal. However, it is a great intelligence source it by any means.

Be your own detective: any time the spy operation like this always be safe.

Source by Barry Dunn

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