Google Pixel Teardown – Screen Repair and Battery Replacement Step by Step Process

Google Pixel Teardown – Screen Repair and Battery Replacement Step by Step Process
Ultimately we got the teardown for among Google’s new premium phones– the Google Pixel, this teardown work gives us some tips in exactly how to change screen substitute, battery, charging port flex cable, electronic cameras or various other little components inside. So without any further trouble, let’s get going!
These repair work tools are needed:
Warmth weapon or hair dryer
T5 Torx Screwdriver
Suction Cup
Guitar Pick
Step 1 Remove Screen Assembly

Prior to any disassembly job began, we need to constantly power off the phone and eliminate SIM card tray. This phone is just like apple iphone’s bro.
Then we should apply some heat to the display surface area so we can remove the display smoothly.
With the help of suction cup and also guitar pick, we can pry up the screen setting up to a small void then slide along the screen edges to loosen the screen.
Note: you require to pry up the display from the bottom cause there’s the screen flex cable television covering by the steel cover as well as 2 T5screws require to be eliminated.
Action 2 Remove Battery

Following point we have to do is obtain the flexible mid structure, which is safeguarded by snug notches that makes the removal much more laborious.
Currently we can remove battery, detach the battery adapter and then draw off the battery tab you can get rid of battery quickly.
So this is the 3450 mAh battery.
Step 3 Remove Cameras, Headphone jack and Motherboard

Back to the center housing assembly, we eliminate the tiny element first, which suches as a board with a standing LED, light sensing unit as well as a microphone in it.
Now, take out the motherboard, be mindful with the flex wire below.
We can eliminate the back video camera incidentally.
Step 4 Remove Charging Port Flex Cable

Relocating to the bottom side of the back housing, we currently see the billing port flex cord, reverse screws then billing port cable assembly removed.
Currently just leave the fingerprint sensor flex wire to be released.
With your first finger delicately pressing, the fingerprint sensing unit flex is uncomplicated to get.
So this is the entire teardown for the Google Pixel XL, not so difficult for us to tear it down, whatever inside could be secured smoothly once the display was removed.
Any type of ideas regarding this phone created completely by Google? Share as well as welcome with us!

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