Oneplus3 Tear Down English-Audio: Teardown, Taking Apart How to Replace Battery, Parts & Board

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See the tear down of Oneplus 3 by BCD Tech.
This teardown video tells you, ways to replace.
1. Battery,.
2. LCD,.
3. USB Port,.
4. Vibrator Motor,.
5. Motherboard.
etc on Oneplus 3.

Tools needed:.
1. Torx T2.
2. Philips Screwdriver,.
3. Plastic prying devices.
4. Tweezers.
5. Spudger.

This video clip also tells you to locations of components inside the phone and exact replacement procedure like Replacement of battery, touch, digitizer, motherboard, USB port and so on

. In some cases it is easy to address the problem with your phone just by reconnecting the cords. Like if the charger is not functioning, we disconnect and afterwards plug the charger again. Similarly, the majority of the problems in smart phones are resolved by disconnecting and also linking the connectors back. In this video clip episode, I am showing you that, just how you can resolve the greatest problem only by dismantling the phone. Like loudspeaker not working, charging, data cable television, touch, LCD etc not functioning. These troubles could be resolved easily by physical examining the components. Currently for examining those elements literally, you need to open up the phones, and here this video helps you.

This video clip shows you:.
1. Ways to dis-assemble the smart phones,.
2. Parts Location.
3. Addressing usual issue pertaining to part failings.
4. Components Replacement.
5. Tricks as well as Tips.
6. Do It Yourself repair works.
7. assembly.
and several mores.

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