iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus – Battery Test

With the apple iphone 7 Plus assessed favorably for its battery life compared with current phones in the Apple line up, we intended to see how much battery has can be found in the apple iphone Plus phone variety.

For this examination we made a decision to combine different elements of a potential day’s battery life in one examination – youtube, gaming and surfing watching (if the phones obtained that much). Let us know what you think about integrating these tests in one!

1. All phones on complete brightness
2. All phones attached to exact same Wi-Fi
3. Bluetooth on
4. 2 hours for surfing – 2 hours genuine Racing
5. Nothing else history apps open – from restart

7 Plus – Hour 1: 75% Hour 2: 52% Hour 3: 30% Died: 4 hr 15mins
SIX Plus – Hour 1: 72% Hour 2: 47% Hour 3: 19% Died: 3 human resources 54mins
6 Plus – Hour 1: 66% Hour 2: 37% Hour 3: 10% Died: 3 human resources 34mins

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