Huawei Honor 5X Screen Repair, Teardown and Reassemble – presents the official Huawei Honor 5X Screen Repair, Teardown as well as Reassemble Guide. This HD video clip will certainly reveal you how to totally uncouple and reconstruct your Honor 5X smartphone. It is likewise a step-by-step tutorial on ways to change a harmed or broken Honor 5X display. Go to for all the DIY Honor 5X substitute tools, parts and displays you should repair your Huawei cell phone swiftly, and also cost effectively.

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Huawei Honor 5X Teardown and also Reassemble Guide Video Transcription:


You are performing this repair work at your personal danger
We claim no obligation for any kind of damages that might occur

Find the costs devices made use of throughout this DIY repair below:

Step 1

Power down your Huawei Honor 5X smart device.

Action 2

Expel the Micro-SIM Card Tray and after that the Nano-SIM Card and microSD Card Tray.

Action 3

Eliminate the complying with 2 T3 Torx screws.

Step 4

With the iSesamo opening tool very carefully function around the Huawei phone to launch the clips and pop the Honor 5X out of its back enclosure.

Step 5

Use the tweezers to peel off up as well as get rid of the piece of tape.

Eliminate the complying with Phillips screw as well as then the metal bracket.

Separate the battery port from the Huawei Honor 5X motherboard.

Get rid of the adhering to 2 Phillips screws and after that the metal brace.

Detach the adjoin cord.

Get the end of the glue strip as well as attempt to maintain the strip flat and also large. Gradually as well as carefully pull the strip up as well as away from the Huawei phone.

The Honor 5X battery is kept in place with additional sticky, utilize the iSesamo opening device to delicately pry the lithium-ion 3000 mAh battery up and out of the Huawei phone.

Action 6

Get rid of the complying with 6 Phillips screws.

Making use of the fine suggestion curved tweezers, remove the Huawei Honor 5X speaker.

Separate the adjoin cable television from the Micro USB daughterboard.

With the tweezers separate the signal cord.

Make use of the spudger to tear up the Huawei Honor 5X Micro USB board and remove it from the phone.

Action 7

Launch the ZIF port and carefully glide out the Huawei Honor 5X power and also quantity buttons cable television.

Separate the Honor 5X show setting up cord from the motherboard.

With the tweezers detach the signal cable television.

Eliminate the complying with 4 Phillips screws.

With the great idea bent tweezers eliminate the tamper evident seal and afterwards the Phillips screw.

Get rid of the plastic bracket.

The Honor 5X motherboard is held in area with a percentage of thermal paste. Make use of the spudger to carefully pry it up and also from the phone.

Tip 8

With the tweezers peel as well as separate up the Huawei Honor 5X finger print sensor.

Step 9

Utilize the tweezers to detach the Honor 5X 13-megapixel rear-facing electronic camera from the motherboard and also easily eliminate it.

Step 10

Disconnect and eliminate the Huawei 5 Megapixel front-facing selfie video camera.

Step 11

Using the tweezers carefully pry the earpiece speaker up and also out of the framework.

Action 12

Get rid of the vibrator.

Tip 13

With the tweezers, very carefully peel off the Huawei Honor 5X power and also quantity switches cable television far from the frame.

Action 14

Remove both rubber grommets and signal cable television from the Honor 5X framework.

Peel up the screen setting up cable.

Make use of the warmth weapon to heat up the sticky safeguarding the Honor 5X display assembly to the framework.

With the precision knife create adequate space between the Huawei display and framework to move in a playing card.

Utilize the having fun cards to slice through the adhesive and also very carefully different the screen from the framework. Apply added heat as required.

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