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Cracked iPhone repair in Frisco, Addison, and Dallas. It starts with a drop in a shopping mall, much like whatever so many of us have skilled. Even with a supposedly “durable” protective case, the drop on concrete was sufficient enough to shatter the glass of my beloved iPhone 6 Plus significantly.

Apple iPhone Repair Frisco, Addison, Dallas - iPhone 6 Plus

Like everyone else I did a Google search for “iPhone repair in Frisco” and the Cell Phone Repair Guys popped right up. They had great reviews and very satisfied customers so I called them. They quoted me the price of $109.99 and a 30-45 Minute time frame.

Being a penny pincher, I decided to do some more research.

So I went again to the kiosk guy, told him about the $129 and requested him to match it. He stated Apple was mendacity. “They May let you know $129, then charge you $300.

So I went again to the kiosk guy, told him concerning the $129 and asked him to match it. He mentioned Apple was once mendacity. “They’ll inform you $129, then charge you $300.”

I contacted icracked.com, a organization that guarantees to come to you and repair monitors.

They have been busy on the time, and said they’d get again to me. It wasn’t except about 24 hours later that I received my quote. $189.

I also tried ubreakifix, one more internet site that takes your registration expertise, and then returns with a quote several hours later. $199.

After checking out all of my options I decided that the Cell Phone Repair Guys of Frisco was the not only the most affordable place to get my cracked iPhone 6 Plus screen repaired but it was also the fastest.

I went in to the Frisco, TX location at about 11:00 a.m. p.m. on a Thursday and was greeted by a nice man who help get me registered and he came back with my iPhone fixed like new.

This repair was done in less than 1 hour!

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