Apple Nails iPhone 7 Display Keeps Pace with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7

*** Apple Nails apple iphone 7 Display Keeps Pace with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 ***.
That’s the idea of the screening DisplayMate Technologies did on the apple iphone 7 ′ s display. “The screen on the apple iphone 7 is … a significant upgrade to the display on the apple iphone 6,” DisplayMate Technologies’ Raymond Soneira wrote. “It is without a doubt the finest executing mobile LCD present that we have ever evaluated, and it breaks many show performance records.”.

apple iphone 7 vs Galaxy Note 7 as well as Galaxy S7: The operative phrase is “finest doing mobile LCD display.” The Samsung 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7 had the “best doing mobile phone display screen that we have actually ever examined,” DisplayMate stated in a separate, earlier review. It also claimed that about the Galaxy S7 ′ s display (5.1 inches), though that is a much more outdated review. Both of those Samsung phones have organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.

” Sometimes the apple iphone 7 LCD is better as well as often the Galaxy OLEDs are better,” Soneira told me in an e-mail. On mobile phones, LCDs have been shedding ground to OLEDs however Apple, at the very least for currently, appears to have actually shut the majority of that space.

Whatever the case, DisplayMate’s Soneira wants to ensure you know that the 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 7 is great.

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