New York City HTC One Screen Repair – Broken HTC One S,V,X,SV,X+ Screen Repair NEW YORK CITY

New York City HTC One Screen Repair

htc one x + screen repair


Affordable HTC One Screen Repair + LCD Display Replacement in NEW YORK CITY

Cell Phone Repair Guys offers HTC One screen repair for the HTC One X , HTC One S , HTC One SV , HTC One V , HTC One X+ (Plus) and coming soon the HTC One smart phone cracked or broken glass digitizer or LCD display replacement services for ||.  Instead of replacing your damaged HTC One Android cell phone and paying hundreds of dollars you can let the nations trusted cell phone repair service fix your HTC One for a fraction of the cost.

New York City HTC One Screen Repair and Replacement Includes:

  • HTC One X Original Digitizer Glass Touch Screen (Gorilla Glass) Replacement Part
  • HTC One S LCD Display
  • HTC One SV Front Screen Assembly
  • Same Day Repair
  • Nationwide Mail-in Repair
  • Free Return Shipping (3-4 Days)
  • FULL PART and LABOR 90 Day Warranty
  • ALL HTC One Series Repairs

NEW YORK CITY HTC One Repair Prices

HTC One X Screen Repair – $169.99

HTC One V Glass Screen Repair – $109.99

HTC One S Front Glass Screen + LCD Assembly Replacement – $209.99

HTC One SV Screen Display Replacement – $209.99

HTC One X+ (Plus) Glass Replacement (FULL ASSEMBLY) -$189.99


New York City Broken HTC One Screen Repair 

htc one broken screen replacement

New York City Cracked HTC One Screen Replacement – Starting From $119.99


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