Lenovo ZUK Z2 Teardown Slideshow (Disassembling) – Review

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Teardown

1. To start with, eliminate the SIM card tray. It is supported dual Nano SIM card.

2. Warm up the edges of the back cover with a warmth gun about 3-5 minutes.
And afterwards open the back cover with a suction cup.

3. Eliminate seven screws protecting the top center frame.

4. On the back of the leading middle structure, we could discover the front camera.

5. Eliminate the audio speaker component by removing five screws.

6. Remove the screws protecting the metal plate and also detach the battery connector from the motherboard.

7. Take out two double-sided tapes and also you could remove the battery.

8. Lenovo ZUK Z2 features a 3500mAh Li-polymer battery.

9. Here’s Lenovo ZUK Z2 framework.

10. All main chips are covering with a steel shield, and also there is a layer of graphite sticker on the steel shield.

11. Below’s USB Type-C port.

12. Lenovo ZUK Z2 showcases a Samsung newest 2M8 13MP camera sensor. It is support PDAF+CAF dual focus mode, can be accomplished 0.1 seconds focus speed.

13. The lower board is incorporated a shaking electric motor, a microphone as well as a 3.5 mm earphone jack.

14. Eliminate 2 screws securing the side switch component.

15. Here’re Lenovo ZUK Z2 quantity secrets and lock display switch.

16.U-Touch button.

17. Finger print sensor component.

18. Qualcomm Sanpdragon 820 + Samsung 4GB RAM
Samsung 64GB ROM
Qualcomm PM8996 Power Management IC
Qualcomm SMB1351 quickly charging IC

19. Qualcomm PM8996 Power Management IC
Qualcomm QCA6164A Wi-Fi IC
Qualcomm WCD9335 Audio decoder chip
Qualcomm WTR3925 RF

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