Galaxy S3 Disassembly & Assembly – Sim Tray – Loud Speaker – Buzzer – Earpiece Repair

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Frequently Asked Question: Can I change the home/touch keys or silver frame/bezel around the display?
A: Yes yet its a bit complicated attempting to remove a great working screen from the framework. Look for ‘separating display from front framework on s4’ to see just how it can be done.
Q: How do I change the power switch?
A: The power button can only be replaced using a ‘warm air’ soldering iron. Google 1053010945 for the switch and locate a local tv repair service store as they ought to have the devices and also abilities to change it

Q: Can I simply change the glass screen as its only $20?
A: Replacing the ‘glass screen just’ can a little bit complicated. There are lots of videos demonstrating how, however the results are differed. Unless you utilize ‘optical adhesive’ and also a potentially a vacuum cleaner chamber to eliminate any type of air gurgles its not going to be a 100% repair. If you are delighted to have an ‘air gap’ between the displays (which offers an ‘oil slick’ affect when you weigh down) after that a glass only fixing is great. Most individuals replace the total screen setting up with the structure or you might find a ‘glass just’ substitute solution on eBay.

Q: Can I replace the USB charging port?
A: Replacing the usb billing port needs using a ‘warm air’ welding torch. Google for 3722-003512 and find a regional tv repair service store as they need to have the abilities and equipment to replace it. Or you can purchase a cordless billing package (search eBay for ‘galaxy s3 cordless charging’) and make use of wifi to move your data.

It’s worth paying the little additional for a brand-new screen that has the frame( front housing/bezel) as you will certainly not have to separate the broken display from the framework and also will certainly have a nice brand-new bezel.

Very same procedure for i9300 T999 i747 i535 L710.

If you’ve seen the drop test after that you could locate this places your mind comfortable for changing the display.

Steel Frame Swap
DIY repair services will certainly nullify any type of guarantee yet may conserve you ₤$:–RRB-.

The sim tray for the i9300 will fit the i9305 and perhaps various other models.

High resolution scans:.
Mainboard & Parts 3Mb
Antenna Connections 1Mb
Display Back 3Mb
Substitute Screen

Dial * # 0 * # to go into diagnostics.
W1 is for GSM/3G.
W2 is for Wi-Fi.
The white antenna cable television is for Wi-Fi only.

Skyrocket close with a Panasonic HDC-SD700.
My studio arrangement

Links referencing parts in this summary offer me debt. Many thanks for your assistance:–RRB-.

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